Shoe Shopping

To escape being the oldest mum in the playground, I got a job. They all said, “Do something for yourself….” well that’s a story for another time. So enjoying having a bit of cash, I thought I would venture out of the safety net of Clarkes shops (mainly the outlet cheap ones) and take them to buy proper grown up shoes. How did shoe shopping get so painful? Too scratchy, too slippy, too shiny, too big, too small, too black. Not sure how many times I can say, “They don’t have them in your size and no you can’t fit into a size 7 when you need a 12.” followed by,

“Ok just try them then!”

Followed by, “Not sure that you can walk in shoes with your heels hanging over the edge, could they be a teeny bit too small?

Having tried every brand of shoe out there and failing to satisfy their very complex needs, we ended up in Primark. I should be pleased as I left there with 2 pairs of shoes and barely a dent in my bank account, but I’m old, can I get those painful hours back under warranty?

I remember when shoe shopping was a hobby.



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