Equality…..Should it be about being equal, or being an individual?


Are we obsessing about being equal and perhaps forgetting that we are unique individuals? I don’t need to be equal to be me, I need to be loved, admired, cared for, respected, listened too ….. the list is endless, but maybe I don’t need to be a manager in big business, or running a high turnover company.  We focus on women in ‘men’s’ careers and making it to the boardroom, but don’t forget the women out there who are already smashing it as Doctors, nurses, teachers, mothers, cleaners, care assistants, architects, engineers, the list goes on.  Plus aren’t the jobs just jobs, and not either men’s or women’s? There is an army of women and men out there creating things from home to sell; working around the childcare issues, the cost of travel, and making it work for them and their families.  There is a wave of production going on in this country that is almost overlooked.  We are women and men heading up our own big businesses, we might make a fortune, we might not, but we will support ourselves and our families

Most of all, I just want the right to choose.  Whether we are male, female, transgender, gender neutral, it is all about choice.  Voting is about choice, we are currently celebrating getting the vote, so let us choose who and what we are; be who we want to be.  Don’t make us feel like we have to be a man in this world, it is still OK to be a woman; we should be proud.  There is too much pressure to be someone in this world, make money, succeed, be the best.  Being the best is amazing and succeeding is great, but take it from one who knows, sometimes being the best is not something we can attain, so being the best, we can be, is more than enough.  We need to make sure we are heading in the right direction; down the path we want and not the path we think we should want.  If a woman chooses to stay at home, or chooses a career in business over having children, some women choose to do both, it’s not a big deal, it’s just their path.  We wouldn’t make a fuss over a man’s choice of career, it would just be accepted.

In my long working career, I have seen equal amounts of men and women abused, bullied, overlooked and treated badly in the working environment.  Is it the case that people are just sometimes unkind?  It is our instinct as humans to preserve ourselves and survive?  In doing so, some people seem to find it necessary to put others down.  This is not exclusive to men, it is human and it is a side of human nature that we don’t need anymore.  People will be underpaid and overworked, irrespective of their gender, let’s join together to fight for a fair world.

Through technology we have made our big world smaller, we are closer together than ever before.  Only yesterday my children were using Google Earth to look at Australia; they could see real people on street view, this is something that would not have been possible a few years ago.  So why are we bringing ourselves closer together if all we want to do is judge and divide?  Every second of the day someone is discriminated against because of their race, religion, colour, gender, sexuality, social status, fashion choices, music choices, food choices, the list of reasons goes on.  For some reason we seem to have brought ourselves closer together, but now seem to be overwhelmed by the diversity of this world.  Our individual countries are now made up of people who are all different; I fear for the divisions we are creating in our endless search for equality.  Life is hard enough, we need to work together. Let us teach our children about respect, empathy, consideration for others, ambition, kindness, acceptance and most of all to be who they are and not who they think the world wants them to be.  We are not defined by what we are, but by who we.

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