Snowy Days In A Glowing Haze.

Even though we are in our 4th year of school, this week saw our very first snow day, I was beginning to wonder if it would happen.  We struggled in through blizzards and freezing cold conditions during the rest of week, so when the closure was announced, a big cheer went up around the village.  The Beast of the East didn’t really drop off much in the way of snow as the week went on, but by the time the closure was announced the beast had paired up with storm Emma.  Beastemma arrived with a fairly good sprinkling of the white stuff, but more was forecast overnight.  We woke with the anticipation of a snow drift or two, but found that it was a slightly disappointing cm or 2, but school was out, so who cared?

I was expecting an early wakening with two over excited snow bunnies, but one could barely rouse herself before 7.30.  The other was in no rush to get dressed and climbed into our bed for a cuddle.  My day job was cancelled due to the snow and my husband was working from home, which, to give him credit, he did actually do until around 4.30, when the temptation to play became too strong.  Eventually, oldest child roused herself and joined us in bed; peace is always shattered when this little whirlwind appears though, so we were up and about pretty shortly after that.

One slightly more enthusiastic than the other about snow day

Snow day1.jpg

What to do with our snow day?  I had semi arranged a play date, but sadly, it’s a big village and just getting to a meeting point would have been outside time enough for us Southern softies.  We are not part of the local ski set, so our pathetic display of winter clothing pretty much gave us an hour’s outdoor window, before frost bite set in.  So, play date was cast aside in favour of an after school get together in the warmth next week.  Where has the hardy Northern farmer’s daughter gone?  I think she is at home in a blanket dreaming of The Bahamas!  I moved down South to keep warm.

We bought a sledge when there was snow on our Yorkshire trip at Christmas, but I didn’t expect to see enough snow to sledge down here, so I left it up North.  I am still getting the grief for that one now.  No sledging for us, just lots of pictures of other people (in their ski gear!) sledging, with cries from my children of “Mummy go and get the sledge from Nana and Grandpa!”

Sledging aside, I managed to convince them to get dressed and that seemed to spur them on to want to play in the snow.  So off, we went with snowman building in mind, to find this powdery stuff that wouldn’t stick together without PVA glue.  Someone had suggested snow castles, so we decided on a snow fort instead, using buckets and spades.  My latex gloves underneath my regular gloves meant I could stick it out longer than the kids; I soon found I was happily building a snow fort on my own, while they abandoned piles of wet clothes on the floor and glued themselves to the TV.

snow fort.jpg

Time for indoor entertainment.  There had already been around 2 hours of tablet time, so it was my turn to amuse them.  There had been a ‘bake-off’ school competition earlier in the week, which was just a posh way of saying, it’s a bake sale, but also charging us to enter it, so double the cost!  Anyway, resentment because we didn’t win, aside, I decided they might like to make another cake, which they could eat this time.  This seemed a popular option, but both wanted different recipes, so we set off making 2 different types of cake; not annoying at all!

There was an eggsplosion as one tried to break her own eggs, but other than that it all went smoothly and here’s the results to prove it.  Massive chocolate and sugar overload, but this snow day has been 4 years in the making, so we will enjoy it.


cake 2

cake 1

I had a bit of work at home to do, so while I did this, they got into set 2 of the outdoor gear, still equally weak protection-wise, but this didn’t stop them.  They went out to the front of the house to find mini snow drifts and make a snowman, it was actually more of a snow heap, but the enthusiasm was there.

snow mound.jpg

This activity, with a few intermittent TV breaks, managed to take us up to Dad finishing work and a trip to the shop to see what the panic buying villagers had left us.  Dad started off with his usual health and safety talks, about taking care and not getting gloves wet to avoid freezing hands.  But then Mr health and safety was the one who started a snowball fight, which lasted the whole journey there and back.  I managed to get away with just having snow put into my hood, as every time they came near me with a misguided snowball, I frowned grumpily.  We got food by the way, but milk and bread were wiped out.  Got to love England in a weather-related crisis.

By the time we got home, the girls were on a roll, so off they went for more snowman building; it was nearly dark when they finally gave it up.  So, after a shaky start they got into this snow playing stuff and had a ball.  We then all settled down to different things, oldest girl made candles, I think Dad went back to work (despite having a small house, he still manages to disappear in it), me and littlest person played Sylvanian families.


There were multiple outfit changes throughout the day, wet clothes just about everywhere that vaguely gave out heat, frozen toes and fingers, but overall, it was a lovely day.  I got chance to play Sylvanian families and just chill out with the girls, not something that I usually have time to do.  There is something about snowy weather that slows everything down; totally relaxing, as long as you don’t have to get anywhere that is.  I’m a huge summer fan; the winter can get me down, but days like these remind me just how much fun winter can be too.  Roll on the next snow day!

5 thoughts on “Snowy Days In A Glowing Haze.

  1. So funny, we in New England do the same when we prep for a snowstorn, “Get the bread! Get the milk!” It’s a joke here haha! Anyway sounded like a nice day for your family. Very sweet. I enjoyed reading this!

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